Congo Youth Choir: Esengo Na Moka Haifa

Congo Youth Choir: Esengo Na Moka Haifa

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Opening of the Terraces

Produced by Vision Arts and Culture JS004 Exec. Producer: Jason Sheper in cooperation with Live Unity Productions.

On Wednesday Morning, May 23, 2001, representatives from all the tribes and peoples of the human race gathered at the foot of Mount Carmel in Haifa, Israel, and as the world watched via international satellite TV links, celebrated the Official Opening and Dedication of the magnificent Terraces and Gardens built one kilometre up the side of Mount Carmel. The Congo Youth Choir, a group of 18 young men and women from the DRC were invited to open this profound ceremony. Both the costumes they wore that day, and the music they sang, were original creations that fuse traditional and modern artistic ideas in a symphonic production remarkable for its range and depth of expression singing and playing music dedicated to the Gate of God, The Bab. This CD recreates that “symphony” and shares with the world a broad selection of traditional Congolese choir music that throbs with spirit and joy. Bravo for this wonderful music! God bless Oscar Diyabanza and all the youth.

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