The Journey Home - DVD

The Journey Home - DVD

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The Journey of the Congo Youth Choir to the Holy Land.

Magic Tree Productions (MT0301R1) Produced by Susan Sheper in cooperation with Live Unity Productions.

The presence of the Congo Youth Choir on God’s holy mountain, Mount Carmel, and the road they traveled to get to that place that their ancestors spoke of are the subject of this 50 minute documentary, In an age where the future of Africa is much discussed, the story of the journey of these young Africans from the Democratic Republic of Congo coming to the Holy Land to open the sacred events at the Official Opening of the Terraces is more significant then we can understand. Just as the eagle on the pillar at the Beloved Guardian’s grave is pointed towards Africa, so this mysterious and compelling story helps us to understand the hope and love that awaits the African continent in humanity’ glorious future.

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